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I had made arrangements with bloodstock themselves to allow me to use the disabled Loos. I asked if I would be challenged and I was told definitely not. Fortuneatly, the amazing people in welfare understood and allowed me to use their disabled toilets to sort myself out in. Such a great vibe to the place so friendly and helpful. Without doubt coming back next year!

But what happened to Showsec?. I have been to Bloodstock for the last 9 years, and Showsec have always been a positive part of the experience — Not so this year. They had a supervisor who was issuing incoherent, threatening, almost racist comments to them. The orders to us were based on what happens at other events, they were neither part of the rules at Bloodstock, nor part of its ethos.

This was my first ever festival and it was awesome, however despite the amount of easily accessible rubbish bins, why do people feel compelled to leave all their crap on the ground? My only complaint about an otherwise awesome day! I only came on Sunday. But apart from that amazing weekend! It was our first Bloodstock and we had the best time! Amazing bands, great cleaning crews, friendly security and lovely people. Fantastic festival as always..

Been attending for many years now… far too many positives to mention.. Other than that, was faultless. Hacienda Classical announce Forest Live concerts. Home News Bloodstock news: Latest update from Bloodstock.

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Bloodstock Festival 18 hours ago. Paul Shenton Julie Corrigan they are brilliant xx. New album is cracking. Comment on Facebook More bands added to the line and please tell us parkway drive arnt the Saturday headliner we need at least one good headliner. How it all comes together would be really cool. And I don't think they'll do live feed but you never know anything could change.

Bloodstock news: Thanks to all of you who made this years Bloodstock our biggest to date! From it…

And how would you? It's fun for all! See, for comedy value I should have left out the actual full stop, but didn't because of bad planning. Where The Corpses Sink Forever. Nope, got my tickets to London Frightfest today, so I'm chuffed. All event's now a days are on facebook or if you want to find another way to find out what's going on download the App 'All events in City' works really well.

12222 Irish Horse Sales

It seems that way, I know a couple people going but they just don't go on the forums. Thought I would see if anyone else was going. Super excited 3 weeks to gooo didumdidum! Im not that much of a party animal though my festival consists of sipping beer all day and going back to the tent early.

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Should be my 5th Bloodstock this year,, its amazing how much its grown.. I would kill to be going, easily my favourite Festival and the line up looks killer.

Will be in France with the fam this year though. Got everything packed I think. I like how well this blood drive charity has been doing over the years, what could be better than donating blood on such a large scale and getting to listen to such wonderful music as a reward. You must be logged in to post comments. Please log in or register.

12222 Dates & Deadlines

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Jan 11, - A derpy magical girl. Bloodstock - who's going?!? This topic has 31 comments Deleted User Jun 28, ThrasherVamp Jun 28, Deleted User Jun 28,