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date rape - Memidex dictionary/thesaurus

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British English pronunciation of "date rape". North American pronunciation of "date rape". British English pronunuciation of "date rape". North American English pronunuciation of "date rape".

Children's, Intermediate and Advanced Online English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Date rape drug facilitated sexual assault acquaintance rape refers to rape committed by a person, who could be a friend, acquaintance or stranger, against a victim. Etymology references Online Etymology: The brightly colored paintings feature different groups of English and Yiddish synonyms. According to Bochner, Vietnam and Iraq war veterans cried after seeing his thesaurus painting Die , which features words and phrases such as expire , perish , succumb , drop dead , croak , go belly up , pull the plug , and kick the bucket.

Urban Dictionary helps people decipher the latest slang terms, but where should you go when you need a thesaurus of slang? Urban Thesaurus , of course. The site, which is not affiliated with Urban Dictionary, indexes millions of slang terms culled from slang dictionaries, then calculates usage correlations between the terms.

Typing in the word money , for example, gives you an eclectic list of synonyms including scrilla , cheddar , mulah , coin , and bling. At every Waffle House, there is a small red tile surrounded by gray tiles on the floor near the open kitchen and grill. Servers are only allowed to call in orders from The Mark to make sure only one order is being called at a time. The Waffle House has used the call-in system since the chain was founded nearly 65 years ago.

The meats for an order are pulled first because they require the longest amount of cooking time. After declaring "Pull," the server then calls the amount for the order, based on the standard serving size for each dish. When calling in an order of hash browns, the server must give a minimum of two pieces of information: Although Waffle House was founded in , it wasn't until the early s that the franchise started to offer toppings on their iconic hash browns.

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